Dragon Ball: 5 Times Bulma Was A Genius

Even though Bulma may be the most intelligent member of the ensemble, she occasionally has foolish or stupid moments. As difficult as it can be to believe at times, Bulma is one of Dragon Ball’s sharpest characters. She is more technologically aware than everyone but perhaps her father. She started creating devices like the Dragon Radar at an early age, and as she’s grown older, she has increased the technical advancements.

1. Genius: Making The Dragon Radar

dragon radar - Dragon Ball Store

One of the most significant innovations in the entire series, this contraption is the sole means to locate the Dragon Balls anywhere in the world. It’s a technology that not only functions on Earth but also on Namek, where its tracking functions flawlessly. When you take into account how young Bulma was at the time she accomplished it, it’s already astounding that anything like this could even be made. She had just turned 15, yet she managed to create something that has stayed helpful over the entire series.

2. Genius: Great Saiyaman Watch

Great Saiyaman helmet 1 1 - Dragon Ball Store

She managed to craft a watch for Gohan that was akin to the briefcase Iron Man used in the second movie. It’s a watch that lets him switch seamlessly into his costume in a manner of moments. If that wasn’t enough, she also helped develop the costume itself. Considering how fashion-forward she is, it’s a costume that isn’t ecstatically appealing, to say the least.

3. Genius: Repairing The Scouter

3. Bulma with a scouter - Dragon Ball Store

The entire Z warrior team obtained Raditz’s scouter after dealing with him. Although she was unfamiliar with the technology, Bulma quickly repaired it in typical Bulma way. She then proceeded to read out everyone’s strength levels, revealing how experienced some of those present were. This led to a quite amusing scene. It’s still remarkable that she was even able to utilize the thing, even though it didn’t see much action in the series outside of the Namek saga.

4. Genius: Building A Time Machine

5. Bulma in lab coat - Dragon Ball Store

This is a hybrid of the familiar present-day Bulma and the future Bulma. Trunks was originally sent back in time by Future Bulma to assist in putting an end to the androids and subsequently Goku Black. In the meantime, modern Bulma was able to fix it more than once, demonstrating that both have the same level of intellect. Being the only one who can frequently use foreign technology, Bulma’s proficiency with it may be her greatest accomplishment as a character.

5. Genius: Creating A Device To Speak To Animals

Bulma 1 - Dragon Ball Store

While the reason for it wasn’t her brightest moment, the fact she could whip up a device like that on the spot is incredibly impressive. It’s hard to gauge time during the Freiza arc since five minutes took about five hours in run time, but it’s safe to assume she made the device in under an hour. It’s the perfect example of what a genius she could be when she applied herself to it. Imagine what she could have made if she actually had proper supplies at the time.

Bulma is an incredibly smart and resourceful character in the Dragon Ball universe. She has come up with many ingenious solutions to help her friends and family over the course of their journey together, showing us all just how intelligent she really is. We hope that this article has highlighted some of Bulma’s greatest moments and inspired you to look for similar examples within your own lives!
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