Dragon Ball: 5 Ways Goku & Vegeta Are Exactly The Same

Goku and Vegeta are two of the most iconic characters in the Dragon Ball universe. Despite their differences, fans have long wondered if the two characters might have something more in common than meets the eye. In this article, we explore five ways that Goku and Vegeta may be exactly the same – from their fighting styles to their motivations. Read on to find out more about these beloved characters and what makes them so similar!

1. Love Fighting

goku and vegeta - Dragon Ball Store

Both Goku and Vegeta seem to love fighting. Their reasons are largely different, admittedly, as Goku simply likes fighting strong opponents, while Vegeta wants to prove himself the most powerful being in the universe. In either case, the Saiyan blood that runs in them makes it impossible for them to give up their desire for continuously training and battling ever more powerful opponents.

2. Their Appetites

Vegeta Goku Eating - Dragon Ball Store

All Saiyans have enormous appetites in general. It shouldn’t come as a big surprise considering how hard they train and battle compared to other races. Throughout their training, Goku and Gohan have returned numerous times to hefty meals that they totally consume. Vegeta is also no slacker, and we’ve seen him eat a whole table’s worth of food to sate his hunger.

3. They Prefer To Work Alone

Goku and Vegeta Stand up to Goku - Dragon Ball Store

Goku and Vegeta both prefer fighting alone to fighting together. We’ve seen this time and again, scenarios in which they were capable of defeating their enemies but rather preferred to see which of them could top the other. Vegeta refused to fight Buu with Goku’s help until they became Vegito. Meanwhile, Goku allowed Freiza to beat him senseless in his Golden Form, with Vegeta only stepping in once he realized Freiza couldn’t hold his transformation.

4. Both Have Two Children

Vegeta trunks and bulla - Dragon Ball Store

This is a bit simplistic, but both Goku and Vegeta have a pretty “stereotypical” family. Goku married Chi-Chi and had two children—his first son Gohan, who became powerful enough to defeat Cell, and his second son Goten, who…looks like Goku. Meanwhile, Vegeta’s had two children—Trunks, a young troublemaker who’s partners with Goten. And then Bulla, his daughter was born in the middle of Super.

5. They Can Both Drive

Entry 10 Goku and Piccolo Racing - Dragon Ball Store

Surprisingly, Goku and Vegeta can both drive. Although it doesn’t make sense, Chi-Chi advised Goku and Piccolo to go get their driver’s licenses during the Cell Saga. The fact that both of them failed their driving tests while having very bad skills makes this one of the funniest episodes of the original series. Vegeta is another character we see driving in the GT series. Although they can both fly, it can be somewhat comical to imagine them driving about in cars.

Dragon Ball is a series that has captivated millions of fans over the years, and its two main characters, Goku and Vegeta are incredibly similar. Despite their different backgrounds, they have many traits in common such as their intense drive to become stronger, their unwavering loyalty to those they care about, and their love of competition. Whether you’re a fan of the show or just someone who loves seeing these two rivals battle it out every chance they get, there’s no denying that Goku & Vegeta are exactly the same in more ways than one.

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