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Dragonball: 5 Life Lessons We Can Learn From Vegeta

Though Dragonball is known for its activities aimed at adolescents, Vegeta can actually offer some complex and mature life lessons. Despite their entertainment value, shonen stories are essentially morality tales with punching. Although their audience extends beyond the demographic, shonen creators design the stories for young boys. As a result, many creators will either use their characters or the narrative to slip in an applicable life lesson for impressionable readers. Typically, this boils down to the protagonist giving a lengthy tirade about the power of friendship, but sometimes the messaging is more subtle. In the case of the wildly popular Dragonball series, manga legend Akira Toriyama found that Vegeta could be a perfect character to deliver complex, mature morality tales.

1. Vegeta Shows That One Should Never Compromise Who They Are

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One must always be loyal to themselves, despite how cliché the saying has grown as a result of overuse. One must always be honest with oneself if there is anyone else. While Vegeta is recognized for his character development throughout the Dragonball saga, his personality has remained constant. The ferocious and haughty Saiyan that fans first encountered in the late 1980s still remains. Vegeta never altered for anyone in the series; instead, he allowed others to become used to him.

2. Vegeta Shows That The Journey Is Better Than The End

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Nothing in life is more paradoxical than succeeding. On the one hand, completing a task gives one an exhilarating sense of accomplishment. However, because the victory is so short, an equal feeling of despair follows. Vegeta started a romantic relationship with Bulma solely for sexual pleasure while he was training to become a Super Saiyan. Vegeta understood that his friendships with Bulma and Trunks were his actual riches once he attained super Saiyan status and underwent a number of other changes. The journey is always more important than the endpoint.

3. Vegeta Shows That A Person Can Only Grow Around Strong Friends

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A rising tide raises all ships. One of the most potent ideas in the self-development field is how pivotal a beneficial friendship can be. It’s only by associating with friends who constantly strive for the best that forces a person reaches the same standard. While their relationship can be volatile and antagonistic, if Vegeta had never met Goku, he would still believe that he was at the apex of his potential. After a decade of being on Earth, Vegeta is still hitting new milestones.

4. Vegeta Shows How To Be Inflexible On Vision While Remaining Flexible On The Details

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keeping true to one’s vision is what allows one to pull through the storms of life. Without a destination in mind, man is prone to wander aimlessly. Although being adaptable is important on a micro level, having a flexible vision on the macro level can be a suicide for one’s dreams. Vegeta always has a destination in mind and adapts his plans based on the resources at hand. Vegeta joined forces with his erstwhile adversaries, the warriors of Earth, on Namek because it finally served his purpose.

5. Vegeta Shows How Important Adaptability Can Be

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Change is a constant in life. It’s a simple fact of evolution: you either adapt or you die. Saiyans are the only creatures in the Dragonball universe that truly comprehend these ideas. Saiyans get a power boost after a crushing loss that allows them to try the challenge again. The increased strength is useless, though, without a mentality that is flexible enough to draw lessons from failure. Vegeta has a flexible intellect despite his inflated ego and Napoleon’s mentality. Vegeta approaches issues differently each time.

Vegeta is one of the most beloved characters in Dragonball and it’s easy to see why. He embodies a lot of desirable qualities like resilience, strength, loyalty, and determination that we can all learn from. His journey shows us how far hard work and dedication can take you when combined with the right attitude. Vegeta has been an inspiration for millions around the world and his life lessons will continue to be relevant for generations to come.

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